Saturday, October 6, 2012

Boys and Their Toys!


Is what my wife says when she looks at my truck these days.  I never reach the point of “road rage,” but when other drivers enter major highways and refuse to yield to me while towing the rig, I’ve often wished I had a set of semi air horns that would blow the cell phone out of their hands.  The momentary burst of adrenaline caused by the piercing sound of the horns is far less damaging then the alternative 26,000 lbs of diesel truck and trailer crashing into their rear end. 

I began the search for a good set of air horns several months ago, but I was hesitant to purchase anything I found online for fear it would be inadequate (not loud enough!).  I discovered a set of Hadley horns for sale at Camping World, which is the same kit used on most high-end motorhomes.  But for me, the cost was prohibitive ($495.00 + installation).  The kit included the necessary compressor, air tank, and accessories, but with Camping World installation, I would have close to $1,500.00 invested. 

Patience often pays off!  On a recent trip to my local Camping World for unrelated items, I noticed the lone set of Hadley’s in the same spot on the shelf where they’ve been for months.  Out of curiosity, I checked the price and it was marked down for “closeout” to $199.00.  I quickly loaded the box into the cart and rushed to checkout before anyone else attempted to steal my horns. 


Thanks to Sean at Lewis RV, my horns are installed and working  as expected!  Sean does a meticulous installation and for much less than his competitors.  The compressor and air tank are installed in one of the bed’s storage compartments just below the compressor and tank used for the air bags.  


Sean also installed two switches on the center console that allow me to cycle the pump on/off, and switch between the factory horn and the air horns. 


Susan calls my new horns “toys,” I like to think of them as “truck bling.”  Just wait till the new 5-inch chrome exhaust stacks arrive.  


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