Friday, January 13, 2012

Big White Ugly Truck!

She may not be pretty, but she can pull a load!

Same truck, new bed.  The stock Chevrolet pickup bed served no purpose.  The 5th wheel hitch consumed so much space in the center of the bed, it left very little room for cargo.  Moreover, a step stool had to be used to reach the release handle on the hitch.  Thus, a custom bed has been added to the Silverado 3500 HD for 2012. 

It comes complete with six lockable storage compartments and a 55-gallon transfer-flow diesel tank, which combined with the stock tank provides for 91 gallons of fuel.  LED lights, aluminum fenders, tread plate trim, a backup camera, and warning sensors complete the package. 

The bed, itself, weighs in at 1300 lbs.  Let's just hope it doesn't push the GVWR over limit! 

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