Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Personal Note!

Many followers of this blog, as well as casual readers, have asked: "Why the delay in getting started with the blog this year?" Those of you who know me personally are aware I suffer from Meniere's Disease, which is a disorder of the inner ear associated with vertigo and tinnitus (dizziness & ringing in the ears). Often, flashes of light, rapid movement, and television and computer monitors trigger my attacks. Unfortunately, the attacks have recently become more frequent and severe; therefore, the delay in bringing the blog up to date in a timely manner. But, Suz and I hope to not let it interfere with our travels. Although it has had an impact on my ability to drive, Suz will be taking the wheel from time to time and the blog will continue, slowly but surely. I wish to thank all of you who have expressed your enjoyment in reading the blog and offered words of encouragement. Perhaps we'll see you on the road! Jerry

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