Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is it "Du-rant," or "Dur-ant?"

Susan's late mother, Jose (Josephine) Goff, was born in Durant, Oklahoma. She frequently corrected others when they referred to Durant as "Dur-ant," reminding them that the correct pronunciation is "Du-rant." According to the Durant Area Chamber of Commerce, the town was named after Pierre Durant, pronounced "DuRant" in French. Never argue with Mama!

We couldn't find a likeness of Pierre Durant, but we suspect he looked something like this . . . .

So, why did we travel 151 miles to Mama's birthplace? Why else, of course, the new Choctaw Casino and Resort!

The Choctaw Casino appears similar in architecture to the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel & Casino; only much smaller. Lights reflected against the building change colors after dark.

The buffalo is in the lobby of the casino and water cascades down the wall immediately behind the statue.

The interior of the casino is well decorated and gives the impression of a Las Vegas class casino. Just a side note: It's funny how Nana's feet hurt so bad until she hits the floor of the casino.

The Choctaw RV Park is conveniently situated across the street from the casino.

Because there is so much concrete, the RV Park reminded us of the Oasis RV Park in Amarillo, Texas. But concrete is a good thing. Here, each site included a concrete patio with table, chairs, and umbrella. It's also a KOA park, which is usually well-maintained and has clean facilities.

Well, regardless of the casino's sparkle and glitter promising huge fortunes, we ended the short trip by making our contribution to the Choctaw Nation's coffers. We didn't leave disappointed, however. The RV Park serves as a nice destination for a short trip, and we plan to return and visit the Fort Washita Historic Site at a later time. http://www.civilwaralbum.com/washita/

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