Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Samboree - 2010

The "Samboree" is a sort of RV rally where members of The Good Sam Club come together and engage in games, seminars, and fellowship for several days. This Samboree was held at the Heart of Oklahoma Exposition Center in Shawnee. Suz and I caravaned in with two other couples, Floyd and Joyce Cook, and Bill and Phyllis Haivala. Other members of our club (Modern Wagoneers) were already there, or came in at a later time.

The following is a pictorial that may offer some insight into what goes on at the Samboree:

The first order of business upon arrival is setting up the coach. Final count totaled 309 RVs for the Spring Samboree. The State Director of the Oklahoma Good Sams Club stated that this Sabmoree set a record for attendance. It was evident by the sea of coaches and trailers parked throughout the site. We were lucky to get a camp site with full hookups (electric, water and sewer), and even more fortunate to be able to park next to each other. Club members Tim and Karen Sechrist came in a day later and were able to park directly behind us.

Above (top to bottom and left to right), our chapter (The Modern Wagoneers) conduct their monthly business meeting; Tim Sechrist (Chapter President) and wife, Karen, present the chapter's banner at the opening ceremonies; the State Director and other officers present special guests; baskets made by members of our chapter to be raffled for charity; Suz, Floyd Cook, and Donna and Gary Balch take their turn at managing the raffle table; and Floyd Cook and Tim Sechrist recognize one of the winners of the raffle.

The Samboree isn't all business. A flea market was held so that members could sell surplus items (top left). Entertainment was also available, including the band that played both classic and contemporary country music (top right). Our entire chapter got together for dinner at "Hamburger King," which is a landmark restaurant in Shawnee (center). Susan enjoyed the chili Frito pie, but I don't recommend the fish. Several chapters purchased cakes to be used during the cake walk. The Modern Wagoneers contributed two cakes, one reflecting our chapter logo and the other reflecting the Good Sams Club logo (bottom).

The pets also got to participate in Samboree activities. Here, Floyd and Joyce Cook present their dogs, Ginger and Angel, during the "Pet Parade" (Top). Susan attempted to enter Maynard in the competition, but they didn't have a category for "dumb dog." One member's granddaughter brought her goat which competed along with the dogs (Bottom). Maynard's excuse for not competing is that he simply wasn't going to share the stage with a goat!

What's really neat about being a member of a Good Sams Club chapter is the people you meet and friendships you establish. Our chapter currently has eight couples, one of which is our president and his wife, Tim and Karen Sechrist (left). But little did we know that the Samboree would rejoin us with an old friend, Rosie Wagner, and her friend, Gene (right). Gene owns a 5th wheel travel trailer and he and Rosie are considering Good Sam membership.
The next Oklahoma Samboree is scheduled to be held in Claremore during mid October. Watch for our next post, which should include pictures of our adventure to the Great Salt Plains State Park near Jet, Oklahoma. Floyd and Joyce Cook are wagon masters and they expect me to get down on my knees and dig for crystals. We'll see how well that goes over!

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